The added value in off-highway drivelines and transmissions

AVIServ Drivelines is an authorised distributor and service center of Dana Spicer & Carraro in Belgium, Luxemburg, Middle East and Africa with a large inventory of genuine spare parts.

  • Drivelines (off-highway vehicles)
  • Transmissions (off-highway vehicles)
  • Motion systems (industry)

Transmission overhauls

Dana Spicer’s te-17 Transmission is a transmission range developed by Dana Spicer in its Off Highway segment, specifically developed for cargo handling applications. Its smooth operation is guaranteed by its market leading hydrodynamic technology and electronic control systems.

AVIServ Drivelines is your service and parts provider of choice, and keeps an extensive stock of parts. Customers choose AVIServ Drivelines to perform full overhauls of these transmissions for the pure financial economics, but also in circumstances where industry standard lead times for a new transmission are not acceptable.

A typical trajectory for an overhaul

1. Testing

The transmission is tested by one of our experts on a test bench while gathering the first data.

2. Visual inspection

Then our certified experts disassemble the transmission and visually inspect the problematic issues.

3. Budgeting

Based on the extensive data gathered after these steps a budget is agreed with the customer.

4. Actual overhaul

Finally the actual overhaul is performed. Specific challenges or queries by the customer can be investigated.

Our closely cooperating service lines

  • Official Parker Hannifin center of excellence
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic expert
  • Newbuiliding & remanufacturing
  • Official JCB Power Products center of excellence
  • Power groups & generators
  • Newbuiliding & field service
  • Official Alphatron Marine center of excellence
  • Maritime electricity
  • Newbuiliding & repairs

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