Revitalize your diesel generator with premium overhaul services

Experience peak performance with your diesel generator by entrusting it to our specialized overhaul services. At AVIServ, we understand the critical role diesel generators play in powering your business. That’s why we proudly offer comprehensive diesel generator overhaul services that cater to all brands, ensuring optimal lifespan and unmatched performance for your equipment.

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Unveiling the signs of an overhaul

Stay ahead of potential issues and identify when it’s time for a diesel generator overhaul with these key indicators:

  • Maximum engine hours reached: A well-maintained diesel generator typically lasts between 20,000 to 30,000 hours in standby applications before necessitating a major overhaul or rebuild.
  • Escalating oil or fuel consumption: If you notice a significant increase in oil or fuel consumption, it often points to underlying problems such as combustion chamber deterioration, valve issues, or worn piston rings.
  • Excessive exhaust smoke: Darker or thicker exhaust smoke from your diesel generator signifies potential concerns, including worn-out components or engine deposits.

To ensure unwavering reliability and uninterrupted operation, closely monitor your generator’s operating conditions and usage hours. Disregarding these warning signs can lead to costly downtime. Remember, the service life of your diesel generator can vary based on factors like model, operating conditions, and workload. For a more accurate estimate, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or manuals.

Streamlining the overhaul process

We understand that a comprehensive genset overhaul demands time and meticulous attention. Our expert technicians will disassemble and remove the engine for a series of thorough overhaul processes, encompassing meticulous inspection, meticulous testing, and seamless reinstallation. Worried about potential electricity shortages during the overhaul? Relax, as we have a wide range of diesel generators ranging from 25 kVA to 2500 kVA available for rent. This backup option ensures an uninterrupted power supply throughout the entire overhaul process.

Don’t wait until your generator falters. Entrust your generator sets to our professional team for accurate detection and efficient resolution of any underlying issues. Contact us today for unrivaled expertise in diesel generator overhauls. Your generator’s peak performance awaits!

Limit downtime and save money

Say goodbye to costly engine replacements! Our overhauls retain vital components, reducing expenses while restoring optimal performance and minimizing downtime.

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