Ship cabin hybrid power systems

AVIServ Power offers a comprehensive solution to insert an intelligent UPS Battery System between your energy sources such as your diesel generator, shore power, an alternator capturing power from the main engine (and any combination of these).

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The amount of power storage is calculated and determined based on the specific variables such as the power consumption needs, the generator characteristics, the specifics of the main engine, the shore power connection and the electrical setup of the ship, etc. and the desired autonomy.

The benefits

  • Immediate material savings on fuel consumption and generator costs
    The Generator always runs at an optimal load. Less than 30% of diesel generators for mobile use are used at a healthy rate leading to increased maintenance costs, exponentially higher failure rates, and above all very high fuel consumption. Runtime of generator is greatly reduced leading to an extension of the generator lifetime of >100%.
  • Perfect interaction with your Stage V diesel generator
    Suboptimal loading of generators affects especially Stage V generators. Stage V technology is unavoidably more sensitive to insufficient loading. A hybrid system with a UPS also allows for proper dimensioning, while still being able to cover peak loads in exceptional circumstances.
  • Maximum use of shore power
    Charge your UPS when connected to shore power, limiting generator time.
  • Maximum use of residuary power of main engine
    Usually your main engine generates more power than is used. This residuary power can be tapped to charge your UPS, at negligible additional fuel consumption.
  • Future proof for low emission zones, noise restrictions, end customer sustainability requirements.
    Restrictions on the use of fossil fuel driven generators is bound to be restricted more and more, and the fuel prices inflate disproportionally.
  • Comfort of living
    A hybrid power system is silent when you need it to be, eg. when relaxing or sleeping.
  • Connect your Solar Panels
    A UPS allows you to store unused solar energy.
  • Charge your electric or hybrid road vehicle
    In the right setup, your vehicle can be charged from your UPS while it is travelling with you, with the same benefits 

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