AVIServ 9 Power 9 Whisper Power 9 Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators

4 – 50 kVA

Super silenced power

Whisper Power specializes in smaller, lighter, quieter, and cleaner diesel generators and power systems for yachts and other vessels.

These handcrafted products from the Netherlands meet the highest quality standards and exceed current emission requirements. Choose Whisper Power for a reliable and eco-friendly power solution for your ship.

Specifications Piccolo generators

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MODEL RANGE Piccolo 5 Piccolo 8 Piccolo 10 Piccolo 12 Piccolo 15
Output voltage (V) 230 230 230 230 230
Noise level (dB) 54 at 7 m
65 at 1 m
51 at 7 m
60 at 1 m
51 at 7 m
60 at 1 m
54 at 7 m
65 at 1 m
54 at 7 m
65 at 1 m
Motor Whisper Power WP1 Kubota Z482 Kubota D722 Mitsubishi L3E Kubota D1105
Length mm 450 660 740 740 875
Width mm 461 550 550 550 570
Height mm 520 622 622 622 690
Weight kg 75 162 184.9 184.9 219.9

AVIServ Power is a premium dealer and service center of Whisper Power

AVIServ Power is specilized in setting up and building-in complete Whisper Power systems on yachts and inland vessels. Our commitment to craftsmanship and quality is unparalleled and done by skilled technicians.

We take pride in our eco-friendly approach, using the latest technology and hybrid solutions to reduce emissions and minimize your impact on the environment, without sacrificing the quality or reliability of our products.

Standard features of all Whisper generators

  • Super Silencer sound-guards
  • Minimum vibration
  • Compact design
  • Entirely or partially indirectly water/liquid cooled
  • Genverter models have the lowest weight available
  • Units comply with Stage V
  • Available with an extended package of built-in accessories

Downloadable files

WP – Generators Brochure – EN

WP – Generators Catalogue – EN

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