Hydraulic powered test group

AVIServ Hydro built a custom designed hydraulically powered test group. This group has a capacity of 120kN at 6 Hz. Some of the other specs of the group are:

  • 30kW electric motor as the drive motor.
  • The motor drives a Parker axial piston pump with pressure compensator, and with variable flow.
  • The compensator pressure is mechanically adjustable with the control screw and additionally electrically adjustable with proportional pressure limiter. The stroke volume of the pump is also mechanically limitable.
  • The highly dynamic control, with Parker DFplus control slider, can be realized on pressure and on position.
  • The cylinder and accumulator are mounted in a fixed arrangement
  • 400L tank

AVIServ Hydro, expert in hydraulic engineering

This hydraulic system is capable of exerting a force of 12 tons at 6 movements per second, and is cooling and robust building quality is such that it can maintain this force and frequency over a longer period without interruption.

This project demands the utmost from the components, and of course Parker Hannifin – for which Service Hydro is the hydraulic and pneumatic center of excellence – is the partner of choice.

Unique projects such as these are exactly AVIServ Hydro’s strong suit: projects where deep expertise in hydraulic engineering, as well as technical execution know how, are of crucial importance.

Project Details

Project duration

2 Months

Service Line

AVIServ Hydro

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