AVIServ 9 Power 9 Whisper Power 9 Off-grid power solutions

Low emission off-grid power solutions

From zero to low emission

Embrace uninterrupted energy

We offer a plug-and-play power solution for marine, mobile, and off-grid applications, ranging from 3 to 50 kVA.

With a lithium battery pack at its core, our power solution powers a WhisperPower inverter silently. Recharge the battery from multiple sources: land power, solar/wind generators, DC alternators, or a (WhisperPower) generator.

The benefits of this set-up

  • Immediate material savings on fuel consumption and generator costs
  • Perfect interaction with your Stage V diesel generator
  • Maximum use of shore power
  • Maximum use of residuary power of main engine
  • Low emission zones & noise restrictions proof
  • Comfort of living
  • Connect your Solar Panels
  • Charge your electric or hybrid road vehicle

What our clients say

This off-grid power solution is really great. I am independent of the grid but can still use all my 230V appliances, including my espresso coffeemaker, electric induction hob and kettle. When I am driving, I can charge up to 50 amps into the service bank and have never had any flat batteries. On my journeys I do not use landpower at all. The 310 Wp WhisperSolar on my roof is topping up my battery everyday. It is a great system

Wim van Eeden
Owner of a Ducato Campervan

Downloadable files

WP – Generators Brochure – EN

WP – Generators Catalogue – EN

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